NYHEM. Typology Collection


  • Explore different alternatives for housing solutions

  • Evaluate the rate of building construction areas

  • Produce a visual catalog of houses.

  • Create a template to display prospects analys


Project Description:

The assignment was to collect the different house schemas made during a period where the company explored to start developing own projects and eventually accepting commissions from external developers.

We made a municipality analysis in order to find the potential cities in which operate. Analyzing social, economical and political  facts. Going through city and district official master plan strategies.

This project is a compilation of approximately 10 real proposals and experimental ideas of new houses.

the assignment summarizes all of  them on a flexible catalog easy to continue adding future projects.

Is a tool to help architects understand potential and limitations of a site and the Nyhem-Construction System  in the early stages of the design process.

Typologies collection_Page_03.jpg
Typologies collection_Page_04.jpg
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Typologies collection_Page_12.jpg
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