Casa Sucre, Proposal for new use

Hotel Boutique / Restaurant

Commission Date: July 2009

Final Design: sep 2009

Team: Arq. Luis Fernández de Córdova L. Arq. Cinthia Gimenez. Arq. María Victoria Devia N.

Owner: Cotas Ltda.

Building Surface: 500m2

Roof Surface: 500m2

Superficie terreno: 800m2


  • Inventory

  • Construction Diagnostic

  • Proposal for new use: “Hotel Boutique”

Project description:

We were commissioned to do an evaluation for a house built on 1800,  a patrimonic construction in the historical center of the city. The tasks were to elaborate a document compiling the documentation, drawings, plans, pictures and all relevant information that helps to consider how to reevaluate the old construction.

Together with Luis Fernandez de Cordova and Cinthia Gimenez we did research and prepared two alternatives to recycle the house without losing the feeling and carefully keep the patrimonial heritage.

Proposal 1: Hotel Boutique    Proposal 2: Commerce + Restaurant