a r c h i t e c t u r e



Bogota, Colombia 1982

Architect and Planner of the UPSA, Santa Cruz. 2006, Bolivia.

In 2005 collaborates with the Office ZONA-C under the direction of architect Professor Waldo Alborta UPSA. Perform an internship and later participates as project director.

In 2007 under the leadership of Arq.Alborta joins a multidisciplinary team in the Planning of the Municipality of Santa Cruz where she was in charge of the development of various plans and assignments at the public sector.

She has participated in various projects in teams and professional associations with other architects.

In 2008 wons the contest organized by the Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra to the design of the proposed Urban Renewal Remodeling of the Ramon Tahuichi Stadium.

In 2008 entered the studio of architect Luis Fernadez FDCyR Cordova to colaborate in the design of the master plan of the Center for Environmental Education (CEA) and subsequently assists in the development of various projects, like the headquarters COTAS contest. 1st place

Parallel has participated in group Rearqxion, a collective group of architects. since it was founded in 2007.

Motivated by the recent experience and participation in ephemeral architecture projects. In 2011 she moved to Barcelona to complete their training in Interior Design.

M.Victoria Devia Nuño