COTAS. Headquarters Telecommunications company.

Competition. 1st Place

Team: FDC&R Luis Fernandez de Cordova, Nataly Dorado, Maria Victoria Devia



  • Research and present referential material related to the assignment

  • Meet regularly with project teams to provide specific and targeted support.

  • Representation, interpretation of collective Ideas and make schemas.

  • Collaborate & Coordinate with specialists and consultants.


Project Description:

In 2009 COTAS Launched the competition. The design of the headquarters that were spread in different buildings in the city.

The call  included a proposal for urban and landscape design, for a 10 hectares land.

6 months later we developed the project and produced the documents to make an open tender for construction phase.


Functional: The Layout proposed has a clean reading, the orientation ensures optimal sun exposure and lighting conditions, take advantage of the nice visual and enabling future growth in stages. Solves and control noise, and suits perfectly in the natural topography of the land.

To facilitate the communication between departments and mobility of employees, areas that make up the various blocks of the project were grouped in one building that rests on a large body of water, protected by two galleries that allow light to pass into two transparent volumes separated by a large empty space. 

Four height levels generated by the “square of the communication”. This space acts as a place of chance encounters,  including a lobby entrance, is the connection between the two volumes and is the starting point.


The Workspace : Two minor halls are in front of  work environments, generating a gradual transition between inside and outside, two panoramic elevators and stairs connect the lobbies of each level.

Competition Date: Junio 2008

Final Design: Noviembre 2009

Competition Team: Arq. Luis Fernández de Córdova L. Arq. Nataly Dorado R. Arq. María Victoria Devia N.

Final Project Specialist: Ing. Eduardo Suárez Cálculo Estructural Ing. Carlos Gutiérrez Instalaciones Hidrosanitarias Ing. Álvaro Gutiérrez Instalaciones Termomecánicas Ing. Silvio Lingui Instalaciones Redes y Datos Ing. Víctor Hugo Peinado Instalaciones Eléctricas

Owner: Cotas Ltda.

Building Surface: 40.620,65m2

Roof Surface: 18.696,55m2