KUTTERN. Apartments House



  • Coordinate the implementation of Nyhem-Modular-Construction system

  • Coordinate with local Architects the Building permit the project.

  • Solve inquiries from municipality

  • Collaborate with specialists and consultants on early stage of the project.

  • Design and Produce Interior Design documents.

  • Coordinate and curate of VR and Interior Renders


Project Description:

The demand was to produce a proposal for existing master plan on the city of Gävle (North of Sweden) Nyhem collaborate with the Stockholm based office of Architecture Jägnefält Milton on produce the commissioned project  from HSB, one of the biggest Housing cooperatives in the country.

The program is solved in two houses. Uses 2 apartment types from Nhem byggsystem. And developed a Stairs and Elevator solution to be built on site. Services and common areas like Laundry, storages, Technical rooms and entrances follows the design criteria using the same modular sizes than the apartments.

This project collects a results from the prototype 1.0 and implement a new technical solutions for facade system, roof and foundation criteria.