Competition. 1st Place

Competition Date: May.2005

Final Design Date: Jul. 2005

Design Team: - Waldo Alborta, Gabriel Garcia, Erika Tsukayama, Freddy Saucedo, Hebert Vargas & Maria Victoria Devia

Project Specialist: - Ing. Eduardo Suárez Cálculo Estructural - Ing. Carlos Gutiérrez Instalaciones Hidrosanitarias - Ing. Víctor Hugo Peinado Instalaciones Electrical

Owner: Petrobras

Building surface: 35.000 m2


  • Create and maintain a user-friendly database of company: templates, standards, families, details, manuals, etc.

  • Contribute with design ideas

  • Research projects and concepts related to the assignment

  • Analyze the program and develop design proposals


Project Description:

The commission was to produce an Ide project that reinforce the corporate image of the company and the possibility of becoming a symbol of social welfare from technological development to the region.


Briefing memories:

Scales of observation: visual targeting strategies .

The intersection of two avenues emphasizes a perception point of view. The idea is to enhance observation scales: 

a first remote monitoring the entire volume is perceived as a big  plane, second approach: fragmented pieces and highlight stick and at the end the immediate environment:visible changes of levels, textures and technological details.


Composition as a Hub

The orthogonal structure is restructured with diagonals that connects the main house with the  structure of the entrance hall.

The lineal given by the house has correlation with the structural axis previously explained plus the intention to cause the building of being invaded for the avenue traffic flow, brings the idea of use an analogy of a train crossing by. So  the building is moving!. The fact of being placed parallel to Av " quinto anillo " involves shifting income to a lower-speed path and to be stronger in the corner.

The work with emphasis on maintaining the single block, divide it into two wings, each in stripes as hierarchies.

Each wing has the elements required to support security and emergency.

The building has a ground floor of mainly to solve public program and entrances.


The secondary sector has been assembled with the master volume optimizing the use of land and better functional relationships, this has been a great achievement in the project as its integrated and compact dimension.

The parking area  form a second block , has a platform containing a terrace garden that replaced the floor and integrated into the program, there is also the restaurant a privileged area where employees can access through the second level of the bridge thought as a plugin that has the possibility to integrate new projects.