• Develop design and evaluate concepts for the construction system. (Skiss-Programhandlingar-Granninshandlingar-Systemhandlingar, etc)

  • Create a typology collection using Nyhem Modular Byggsystem.

  • Assist external consultants and Project developers to use NyhemByggsystem.

  • Coordinate representation material such as interior renders, ritningar according BASB system, Schemas, etc..

  • Produce and coordinate representation material to build a Prototype in China.


Project Description:

The challenge was to create a modular prefabricated system and develop an innovative  technical solutions. The main idea stands over this criteria:

Flexibility, Transport, Cost, Energy efficiency and Industrial manufacturing. 


This project has the interesting value to produce experimental solutions based on test and result evaluations, the multidisciplinary team involved in this project, turned the design process into a new opportunity to explore non traditional solutions on the Architectural field.

The initial phase consisted of building a prototype on a factory in which was possible to test and evaluate the technical and spatial solutions. During 6 months the design team worked on complete and produce the documentation to manufacture 2 apartments and 1 staircase module. In total 7 modules. 

The Factory was based in Changzhou, China.  It was a big challenge for them to meet Swedish standards, turned into  a learning process experience to cooperate with such a large factory specialized in industrial houses.


Phase two, that actually happened in parallel was to design the first housing project in Sweden: 23 Apartments for Gävle municipality. With a real project new questions emerged and also new solutions, so the system incorporated a new modular size to performance a bigger apartments. (see Gävle project)


A third approach into Nyhem byggsystem is the parallel work developing housing typologies, the innovative solutions are integrated in different scales of design having a strict control that supposed to use steel, and standard shipping sizes, up to produce and evaluate the most efficient house typology for the targeted market: “Low cost and affordable housing”. So with that input was produced  a house collection of different alternatives. The strategy was standing on use a modular grid, that organize and simplify the design process jumping between:

Module - Apartment - House.