Apartment Types for NyhemByggsystem


  • Explore different alternatives for Apartment Layout solutions

  • Test and evaluate the performance of apartments in potential Housing Projects.

  • Produce a Nomenclature manual.

  • Produce IFC model


Project Description:

Back in 2015 When I joined Nyhems Team, the system was based on three apartment types. 1RoK 2RoK and 3RokK. Developed by White Architects. Part of the task for me was to develop those sketches and produce new solutions. Some came as a part of the process to achieve an optimal solutions during the design process others just as a self initiative to improve the BOA and BTA of certain projects. In total we achieve 9 apartment types. 

Also made a manual over how to name and track the modules in the system, what we called “Nomenclature”