Proposal for Land Development in Norrtälje (Markanvisningsförfrågan)

Commission Date: Oct 2017

Final Design: Nov 2017

Team: Nyhem Bostad- Robert Vangstad, Ark.Maria Victoria Devia, Ark. Shane Wu

Owner: Nyhem


  • Explore different alternatives for residential solutions

  • Test and evaluate the performance of apartments in potential Housing Projects.

  • Evaluate BTA/BOA rate. 

  • Produce documents relevant to present to local authority in Norrtälje

Project description:


Idea & concept


The beautiful boulder in the middle of the green area should be preserved as much as possible. We open the neighborhood through several housing bodies that allow the flow of light and greenery between the properties and encourage cyclists and pedestrians to make their way through the forest park.


In one of the houses we open the opportunity to place a preschool that can use the beautiful forest grove for play. This will bring life and movement to the area and be positive for the retirement home that is on the site today.


The park / forest grove is preserved as a natural gathering place which adds value to all the residents in the vicinity.


Brief description of the project

We would like to build three to four house bodies with a total of about 80 - 90 rental properties and possibly a preschool. A few smaller ones with 27 square meters, a majority with 42 and 53 square meters and a few threes / smaller fours of 67 and 83 square meters respectively. Commercial premises may be available on the ground floor.


Parking and Bikes

We resolve parking within the framework of the property and in the ongoing dialogue. Extra focus on bicycle parking due to the size of apartments and the central location.